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Monday, May 2, 2016

Tobi Style: Bow Ties & Dresses

Now that it's the off season in Vail, I've had more time to get back into fashion blogging and, of course, scouring out some new online boutiques. Recently, I discovered Tobi and have fallen in LOVE! 

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In Vail, you'll find a variety of fashion-clad women from the older lady who wears fur head-to-toe, to the young collegiate who slays the streets in the latest snowboard fashions. While the weather is warming up, my girlfriends and I have broken out some of our dresses. They told me about Tobi, which offers their customers 50% off their first order! SCORE!

I originally placed an order of some rompers and sundresses with my 50% discount. Due to some complications with my local P.O. Box, it was shipped back to the company and I was put in touch with Tobi's customer service team. They are the real deal, no joke. They helped get everything figured out quickly. Shortly after, I was put in touch with their marketing team and they sent me a few items, too. The next few outfit posts on the blog will be a mixture of these items that I purchased and items that they sent to me so get excited for lots of new outfit posts!

As for this outfit, I love the way the chiffon dress is contrasted with a black leather blazer. The blazer and chain necklace gave this otherwise sweet outfit a little bit of edge.

How would you style this dress?



  1. Lovely dress! Love the ribbon detail!

    Maricor |

  2. I LOVE Tobi's 50% off deal! Not suuuuper thrilled with how long returns take, not gonna lie,but you win some (and it's a BIG win) you lose some, right?
    xo lovely!
    Ingrid ||

    1. The return process can take a few extra days but with the deal and the quality of the clothing, I'd definitely say it's a trade off! XOXO


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