The Darling Nomadess: 2016 Goals

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Goals

Now that we're already two weeks into the new year, I figure it's finally time to really focus on what I want to accomplish this year. 2015 was an incredible year filled with many accomplishments. From traveling Europe to becoming a hotel manager to moving cross country, 2015 was definitely one for the books. I think 2016 has a lot of adventure in store and I can't wait to see what opportunities come this way.

Read at least one book per month. I used to read a lot before college and truly loved reading as a child and adolescent. I don't even recall learning to read, I just remember always reading! I'm hoping to dive back into this former passion and spend time quiet time with some books that have been on my "to read" list for too long. For me, that entails a lot of memoirs, classic literature, and inspirational "self-help" type books.

Travel to one new country. I have a serious case of wanderlust. I've been enjoying getting to know the culture of the western half of America the past few months and will be calling this place my home for at least the next year. As previously mentioned, I was invited to join the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa this year. However, even though joining the Peace Corps has been a lifelong dream, I have chosen to pass on this opportunity due to a variety of reasons. However, I have a strong desire to get back to Europe, this time, I'm dreaming of the colorful streets of Portugal. If I can convince my bosses at work to allow me the time off, I'm hoping to spend 2-3 months working for a hostel and learning Portuguese/Spanish in Portugal. Hey, it's professional development, too!

Visit 3 National Parks. Living in the heart of Colorado has it's perks. During the road trip I took with my brother to get here, I also purchased a National Parks Annual Pass along the way. I'm currently living about 3 hours away from Arches National Park in Utah and other parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Grand Canyon and others are just a weekend trip away. One of my objectives for moving out to Colorado was to have the opportunity to explore America the Beautiful.

Pay off all credit card debt. I don't actually have too much credit card debt, but it's always good to pay all of that off. I just paid one credit card off today, and with the plan I currently have, I should have my other two cards paid off by April, just in time for one of my student loans to come out of deferment.

Save at least $2000. I turn 25 this year. I know in the next few years I'll eventually get married and all that adult hoopla, so I'd like to start preparing. While $2000 isn't much, it's at least a start, and who knows, maybe it'll be motivation to save even more.

Focus on learning one new skill per month. Ever since graduating from college, I've realized that I can't ever learn enough. In college, I felt like I didn't have much of an opportunity to take subjects that I really wanted to learn, like graphic design, because I was too caught up in taking classes for my major and minor, silly core classes (Like Music Appreciation Class in college where I learned to play the piano and recorder. Um, hello. I played flute, oboe, and trumpet for 8 years. Isn't that enough music appreciation?) and trying to graduate on time. So, each month, I hope to focus on building skills that I want to add to my repertoire, such as:
    In Design
    Digital Photography

Create a resume website and professional blog. Technically, I already have a resume website, but I made it back in college and needs some serious editing. I would like to build a polished new site with my (hopefully) newfound HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills and perhaps integrate a professional blog to keep track of my work accomplishments, thoughts, and ideas.

Summit a 14,000 ft mountain. I'm currently living in the middle of the Rockies. Can I really say that if I don't summit a 14,000 ft mountain at some point? Everyone out here is pretty healthy with active lifestyles. I've been trying to go to the gym but, holy moly. I feel completely out of shape here where the air is so thin. I'm out of breath after walking on a treadmill at 4 miles an hour for 30 minutes. Hopefully, this goal will motivate me to get back to my college lifestyle (remember those days where I spent 3 hours per day at the gym?)

Snowboard down a green run (other than the bunny hills). Since I'm living in the middle of the Rockie Mountains, I am surrounded by ski resorts. Back in November I had my first snowboard lesson and it was easily the most terrifying and thrilling thing I have ever done. Which says a lot coming from a girl who packed up and moved to Europe alone and has ridden some of the fastest and tallest rollercoasters in the world. While it is extremely difficult, I do want to be able to keep up with my new snow bunny friends and snowboard down the mountain. Hopefully after a few more lessons I'll be off the bunny hills and one day, I'll be snowboarding some black diamonds.

Blog 2-3 times per week. It's time. I'm so over the hiatus I've been on for the past year. I worked so hard back in college to accomplish all of the goals I wanted to with this blog. The hiatus was't from a lack of ideas. I have plenty of ideas that I want to write about. It was just a lack of motivation and/or just not prioritizing it.

What are your goals for 2016?

With Love,


  1. I laughed out loud with the music appreciation and the flute thing. like so hard the granola bar I was eating came out of my mouth ahhaha. I understand why you passed up the Peace Corps... trust God's plan for you!!
    I want to hear more about your life. UM YOU JUST SAID IN A FEW YEARS YOU'LL PROBABLY GET MARRIED. Things I did not expect you to ever say! Clearly I need an update! aha. xoxo

  2. Okay I'm totally stealing like half these goals for myself, especially going down a green run. It's starting to get embarrassing telling people I can't ski haha

  3. how do you go about working at hostels? i am very intrigued by this haha. i get summers off so i would love to spend time abroad and get paid for it!

  4. Blogging more is one of my goals, too! I always write down ideas but need to focus more on sitting down and actually typing out the posts!! Can't wait to see pics of the national parks you visit! :)


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