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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vacay Everyday: Enjoy the Little Things

We all know that long days at work can be stressful, particularly if you work in the service/hospitality industry. I always try to keep in mind to celebrate the little successes and find that those motivate me throughout a long day. I guess that's why I love Palm Breeze's motto: "#VacayEveryday. It's all about taking a some time for yourself to reclaim your day and celebrate the independent, confident, and stylish woman you are. I think it's something we can all remind ourselves of because we don't give ourselves enough credit!

Personally, I try to #VacayEveryday with simple things like painting my nails, catching up on magazine/book reading, or working on this little blog. I also love going for a walk in the nearby nature reserve or hanging out with girlfriends, all while enjoying a delicious Palm Breeze sparkling alcohol spritz!

Palm Breeze sparkling alcohol spritz comes in two delicious tropical flavors: Ruby Red Citrus and Pineapple Mandarin Orange. It's a flavored malt beverage with a malt base, kind of like a beer, but it's the first drink of it's kind to unabashedly market to women.

Personally, I love the sweet and tangy Ruby Red Citrus flavor. For an extra kick for the extra tough days, I mix in a splash of moscato wine and a lemon wedge. Who doesn't love a pretty pink drink to match a new manicure and a relaxed attitude (and your totally cute summer outfit)?!

Life is all about enjoying the little things and I find that taking a moment to appreciate those small moments and successes definitely lifts my mood and pushes me through the rest of the week!

How do you #VacayEveryday, darling?

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  1. I love those pineapple shorts and pretty necklace!


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