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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Remember When...

Oh high school. For some of the world, it was prime time but for others (ahem, myself included) it was a time filled with a severe case of awkwardness. Let's take a time machine back to circa 2005-2009 and get to know young high school Ashliegh...

…I thought it was cool to dye my hair pink and learn to skateboard…
Being a shy awkward nerd definitely brought some of the most interesting people into my life, many of whom I am still friends with. I was friends with the skaters, the band geeks, the nerds, the theater kids, the goths and eccentrics. Really, anyone who wasn't a cheerleader or into sports (aka, the popular kids). It also lead me to gain the all-important skills of dying hair (seriously, I can give you highlights with a box dye), skateboarding, and drinking polar pops outside of a Circle K.

^^ Senior year I broke my hand while riding my bike to band camp. I ran into a lamppost. #onlyme

…I had dramatic photo captions…
What would a photo be without it's dramatic caption? Even in my early days, I was training for life as a blogger by experimenting with putting my captions on the photos...

…school spirit days. Enough said…

…I had crushes on 3 guys, 2 of which were my best friends. All 3 turned out to be gay…

…Winning the local festival pageant was THE biggest deal…
Yeah, I'm famous in my hometown (population…maybe 1,000?). But…isn't everyone?
High school is when I discovered a love for pageants. When I started at age 16, I was incredibly shy. I couldn't even talk to my grandparents shy! I cried during every speech I had to give in speech class shy! Pageants helped me overcome this and actually enjoy public speaking. By the time I got to college, not a single soul ever believes that I was ever shy. So thanks, local festival pageant, for developing me into the woman I am today!

…I was always the clumsy one during fun group photos…
Sorry for the blur on these. I went all the way back to MySpace to resurrect these photos for you to enjoy. Aww, how cute! These girls are posing for a photo carrying each other and piggyback rides. But wait, what's going on in the bottom left of this photo though? Ashliegh failed to jump in time for the photo and ended up on the ground. #awkward

…I started a business making boutonnieres and corsages for my friends for school dances…
I even made them for the school the next town over and I had a bride order her bouquet once, too! I used fake flowers to make them and my friends loved that they were able to keep them forever! Since I also pieced them together with hot glue, the corsages also make it through the whole dance without falling apart, unlike the local floral shops.

…in high school, there were 4 seasons: marching season, pep band season, concert season, and band camp…
Band was LIFE in high school. I played flute and oboe mostly and senior year I started to learn the trumpet. On top of that, I was also a majorette. Band was an important part of my life since I joined in 5th grade and it taught me so much about persistence, determination, and hard work.

Don't mess with the bow tie.

…because life in a small town meant canoeing in your friend's pool after band camp…
my small town has two major Ohio canalways going right through the center. Once each summer, all of us would gather at my house and go on our annual canoe trip. Of course, being poor, we could only afford to do this once a summer. For the rest of the hot days, we would just go to a friend's house and hang out in the pool. This is also one of my all time favorite photos ever! 

Who were you in high school?

With Love,

The Rachael Way


  1. This is such a fun post! I definitely peaked after high school - I had a few close friends in high school but I definitely don't miss it too much. I never did band myself, but my boyfriend (along with his whole family) were super involved with band during their high school years, so I totally understand the whole "Band is life" philosophy.

    Pick Your Beau

  2. I have really enjoyed reading these posts. It's so fun to go back and read about these things.
    Also, I was a total band geek too! Band geeks for life!

  3. I love this peak into your past! I was the weird goth/emo girl for a while. Like you I was super shy and liked to dye my hair :)

  4. LOVE seeing all these photos, Ashliegh! I just got out of high school in summer 2014 but there are already so many awkward (and somehow embarrassing) moments from school years, haha!
    Noor's Place

  5. This post was awesome! I'm dying at the gay friends and also at the words over the pictures... DYING!!! So funny!

  6. OMG I can totally relate to the whole gay crushes thing! My first "boyfriend" turned out to be gay; it was really traumatic when he came out after we broke up but now I just laugh about it

  7. It was interesting for me reading what life was like in a small town since I grew up in a massive town. That's so cool you created your own floral business! I agree though no matter what size town you came from the most colorful and interesting people were hardly ever the ones everyone wanted to be friends with in high school.

  8. This is so funny! I went back on MySpace a few months ago with one of my high school best friends and we laughed and laughed. I was your typical cheerleader/pageant girl, but our school was so small everyone really ended up being friends for the most part. Thanks for being willing to share such fun pictures :)

    xoxo, SS

  9. FIrst off, this is SUCH a cool post idea. Second off, can you make my bridal flowers? Third, I love you even more after this <333


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