The Darling Nomadess: 2015 Life & Blog Goals

Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Life & Blog Goals

-Develop my blog voice. Rather than just sharing photos, DIY's, etc, I really hope to develop my "blog voice." In 2014, I attended the HerConference in NYC and roomed with Alison Leighann. As longterm followers of each other's blogs, I asked her if she thought my personality matched my personality. She replied that it did for the most part but I'm more funny in person. SUCH VALUABLE INFORMATION! So with this, I really want to share more of my personality and more stories. I want you darlings to feel like you can connect and relate to me.
-Switch to Wordpress? I've been thinking about this for well over a year now and I think this is the year I'll finally "man up" and do it. I'm just so comfortable with Blogger - it's so easy to use and we've been great friends for well over 5 years. But, I think it may be about time to break up this relationship and own my own content.
-Redo my About Me Page. This is long overdue. While some of the information is still relevant, I really want to redo the whole page in a creative way. Thoughts and ideas, anyone?
-Comment more! Blogging is all about creating a sense of community. I love reading blogs and often find myself lost in blogland on a daily basis on blog's I've never heard of (tip: click on other blogger's  sponsors. It helps the blogger out and help you find new bloggers to connect with!). I read a lot of posts but sometimes get so caught up in reading or flying through too many posts in a short time, I forget to leave a comment.

-Get to Level B2 in German. I have completely rediscovered a love for learning languages while abroad. Since I hope to (eventually? maybe soon?) start a career, or at least a job, in Germany it would be beneficial to learn the language (duh). Alex bought me a few language books and the Babbel app for Christmas and my new host family is letting me borrow a few grammar books. I'm also thinking about signing up for a course (I found a really good deal on Groupon Germany!). My intentional goal here is to reach fluency as soon as possible so I can start applying to German universities to get my Masters in 2016!
-Journal at least 2 times a week. While in Italy, I journaled everyday. Italy was a crazy time in my life and I wanted to document it. Since leaving the land of pasta, I have forgotten to continue to journal. I really want to get back into it because I am still abroad and I want to be able to recall what I felt during this crazy time in life. Psst, you'll get a peak into my Italy journal soon!
-Lose the weight I put on in Europe. It was bound to happen since I have been surrounded my so many good foods that MUST be tasted! Now that I'm finally settling down and "slow traveling," it's time to get back into my normal food and exercise routine.

What are your goals for 2015?

With Love,


  1. Yay for journaling! I journaled a lot during my time in France too - it's neat to look back at how I felt before that whole journey and think about how I feel about it right now. I've been trying to journal since getting home, and I've just been so busy! Good luck with your goals. :) I can't wait to see you find your blog voice!

  2. No, don't switch to Wordpress! Haha, I'm just kidding. I have nothing against Wordpress, but like you I'm so comfortable with Blogger and it's easy to use.

    Anyhow, you have some really good goals and bring up some good points, like the clicking on sponsors on other bloggers' pages! You're the first person to suggest that as a tip to connect with other bloggers but also mention that it benefits the blogger hosting the sponsor as well.

    I hope Europe has been treating you well! I can't wait to read about your Darling Travels :]

    - Kriselle

  3. I have those same blogging goals. I don't feel like my real life personality fits with my blog. I don't really know why that is probably because I don't write too much personal stuff. I just haven't hit a place where I feel comfortable yet. (if that makes sense.) I have debated on switching wp so many times. My thought is that it's not broke why fix it. I need to fix my about me page like no ones business.


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