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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Inside My Mind: Thoughts In an Airport

In all my previous travels, I never experienced travel anxiety. That is until I took my first transatlantic flight last week. I may or may not have had a minor meltdown in the airport parking lot. It wasn't even nerves from thinking scenarios like "Taken" would happen or that my plane would crash or anything like that. Below are some of the thoughts I had while in the airport. Please, just embrace the cursing. We've all been there. I literally wrote this post while in the terminals for authenticity.



I can't wait to see awesome historical sights.

Only 18 days until I see Alex!

*Side note: I'm now dating a German named Alex. Surprise!

Wow, I made it through security pretty quickly…I can't believe they let me take this giant a** backpack as a carry on…

*Side note: This backpack gave me a lot of trouble in London. Silly Brits, they travel with hardly any carry on baggage at all!

Yes dude, this backpack is bigger than me but don't you worry, I may be small but I am strong!


What if the kids hate me? What if I don't make any friends? Am I friendly?!

What if I can't figure out the public transportation?

What if I'm robbed by a gypsy on public transportation?

HOLY F*** I'M MOVING TO EUROPE!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! Who cares if I'm almost robbed, maybe I'll have the guts to tell them off and then that would be an awesome story to tell!

Do I know enough Italian to tell someone off in Italy? Maybe I should practice more…nah, let's practice German.

*Side note: Alex has been teaching me German and I have completely rediscovered my love for language learning. In high school I studied both French and Spanish. In college I just about lost that language-learning passion after an awful experience with my Spanish professor. If you're causing students to hate your class and a language all together, you're obviously doing something wrong.

I can't wait to see Amsterdam during New Year's!

OMFG I'M MOVING TO EUROPE. Am I sure I want to do this? Ashliegh, it's not too late. You can always leave the airport and go home.

Why the hell would I do that? Let's make Europe home!


Have you ever experienced travel anxiety? How did you deal with it? 

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  1. It looks like you're having a blast in Europe! It's next on my wanderlust list :)

  2. Normally I am quite calm when travelling but I have to admit that after the MH17 incident, I was a bit nervous flying. Last ultra long range trip to NYC (I live in Dubai now, by the way) was a bit stressful. My husband was operating the flight (he's a pilot) and on the way back his flight was almost full. The next plan was for me to go on the next flight. I was a wreck! I figured if something were to happen, let me at least be on his flight, with him.. of course that was just my mind playing tricks on me.. eventually I got a seat in his flight and slept almost all the way home. We are made stronger than we think, we'll pull through. Moving country a whole different game but you'll do fine. I did and here I am in a 'strange' country I now call home. All the best with Europe!

  3. I can totally relate. I couldn't stop crying/ freaking out, but once I got on the plane I was ridiculously calm. PS Congrats on the new relationship! <3

  4. So jealous you are living in Europe, what a great experience!! Half of my thoughts when I'm at the airport involve "where is the closest starbucks?!"

    Pick Your Beau

  5. Ah you're so brave! I can't imagine moving country but would absolutely love to do it if I had the guts! Good luck with the move. P.s. I love your blog layout!

    Laura |

  6. That's so crazy! I honestly could not imagine moving out of the country, but I'd love to visit Europe! You're gonna love it!

    xo, Amanda | a. nicole style

  7. The amount of swears in this (or implied swears) is simply fantastic because it's so legit and authentic and I FEEL YOU GIRL. I only went for a summer though, so I'm sure your emotions were mine on total steroids. You're brave and fabulous and I can't wait to hear and read all about your amazing adventures. And the new boyf. Especially the new boyf.


  8. Basically, everything about this makes me smile. All of these same thoughts were running through my head! But it's so exciting. :) Also, you're going to see Amsterdam at new years? You lucky duck. Amsterdam is amazing.

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  9. I'm always pretty calm on planes--other than the one time I flew to Paris and absolutely FREAKED out during take off. I have no clue why I chose that moment to spaz other than I was completely sure the plane was going to crash. Thankfully, it didn't!! Safe travels!

  10. Awww! This is totally normal! I feel almost the same way every time I got overseas :)


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