The Darling Nomadess: Weekend Reading 8.24.2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Reading 8.24.2014

My friends are starting a business involving frozen alcoholic popsicles! They've reached 20% of their goal on their crowd funding campaign! Check out what Shotsicles is all about and donate to a startup!

So, I have to be honest. I'm a T.Swift hater. Only because I think she's a sell out. However, I do like her personal style and her new song "Shake it off." WHY YOU SO CATCHY?! I feel like she is totally relatable in this video with her awkward dance moves and such, too. So, I have to be honest. I'm not a T.Swift hater anymore. The tweaking has gotta go #DontBeMiley (though I do enjoy Miley's music, too).

The Do's and Don'ts of Hashtags. Don't be that person.

While a lot of older people give our generation a lot of slack, I believe we had a lot of redeemable qualities, too! Ashley's list is spot on with the characteristics of our millennial generation!

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What interesting articles did you read this week?

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  1. I heard that new T. Swift song for the first time earlier today when my friend brought up all the flack that she's getting for it. I honestly cannot figure out why people are mad about it? It's not a negative song in any way - in fact, it's the opposite of negative - and it's catchy. It's not insulting anyone or anything. And I think it's a fun video. I'm with you in that I don't like most of her music, but this song I really enjoyed - it was nice to see her exploring a different genre than angsty teen just-got-broke-up-with music.

  2. I'm also a Swifty hater and it annoys me so much that I actually like her new song! Ugh!!

  3. I JUST heard this new song of Taylor's and it's so catchy. I love it. Off to check out those dos and don'ts of hashtags:)


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