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Friday, July 4, 2014

June Beauty Favorites

Sometimes, we get stuck in our own beauty ruts. Throughout college I always used the same make up and beauty products. When one product ran out, I just ran out and replaced it with the exact same item. Well, since this past semester, I've broken out of my shell in the beauty realm and my make up collection has nearly quadrupled. It's starting to get a bit out of hand so I may do a Pan 10 challenge where you pick 10 products and only use those until you hit the pan. While I haven't decided on whether to do that or not, I have been having a lot of fun trying out new products. Below are some of my beauty favorites that were added to the collection this past month. 

Aqua Spa Body Creme - Influenster sent me this lotion to review in the #GoVoxBox. This lotion has quickly become a part of my bedtime ritual. The lavender scent is so relaxing! The lotion is thick and creamy yet absorbs quickly. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and silky smooth. 

ELF BB Cream with SPF 20 - This BB cream offers much more coverage than most BB creams. My skin is in a constant break out during the summer (ugh) and this BB cream allows me to use a covering product that is much lighter than foundation but still has the necessary coverage. The SPF also let's me skip the sunscreen step since it's already in the formula! Easy peasy.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - As a self-proclaimed mascara hoarder, how could I not add this mascara to my collection?! I've been hearing so much about it on my favorite beauty blogs and wanted to give it a try. I purchased the sample off of Amazon for $2 and fell in love. This is my new favorite go-to mascara! The brush has a unique hourglass shape that lengthens, thickens, and curls my lashes to make them really stand out - 100% worth the $23! I experience no clumps at all! Shortly after using the sample, I purchased the full size product as back up when the sample runs out.

Rimmel Glam Eyes HD palette in Brick Lane - Apparently, I won a Champion Box from Influenster when I completed tasks for my Rimmel Badge in the #UniVoxBox. I received a box full of Rimmel goodies last week. When I saw this eye shadow palette, I instantly opened it and started applying. I'm not usually a shimmer eyeshadow kind of girl but these shadows are a game changer. They are so smooth, have minimal fallout, and have beautiful pigmentation. Below are the swatches.

Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Limited Edition Smmer Bronzing Wardrobe - Obviously, I'm a Too Faced lover. I have yet to try one of their products that I don't like! I was originally looking to purchase a blush, bronzer and highlighter palette this summer. I tried Urban Decay's Flushed palette but ended up hating it so I returned that palette and then Too Faced released this gorgeous bronzing palette shortly after. The palette features three of their bestselling bronzers: Chocolate Soleil (matte bronzer), Sun Bunny (natural bronzer with shimmer), and Snow Bunny (luminous bronzer with shimmer). It also came with a Teddy Bear kabuki brush that is probably the softest brush I have ever used! To say I love this bronzing palette would be an understatement; it's basically become my baby and crown jewel of my make up collection. The bronzers are very natural and not orange-y at all. The Chocolate Soleil has cocoa powder in it. Every time I open the tin palette, I smell that heavenly chocolate scent and all I can do is smile and apply. It's definitely worth the price tag. Also, how adorable is the packaging?! 

ELF Zit Zapper - This product has been my saving grace this summer! I apply it to an oncoming breakout before bed and by morning, you would never know I was facing a breakout. 

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen Lotion - Who hates the smell of sunscreen? *Raises hand.* I cannot stand the smell of sunscreen! When I found this sunscreen lotion at Target, I knew it would quickly become a summer essential. It smells wonderful and is so hydrating! I apply this every morning after my shower so I'm prepped with lotion and sunscreen for the day! 

Have you tried any new products recently? What were your favorite beauty products in June? 

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  1. The Pan 10 Challenge sounds like a good idea! I might do that at some point. And I might go on Amazon and try to score that $2 mascara sample too... That bronzer palette looks amazing!

  2. Hmm... this pan 10 challenge sounds interesting!

  3. These all sound like great products! I alternate between buying products like crazy & only using the same ones, but I have so many things that I really need to use up! Have a Happy 4th of July!

    Crumbs & Curls

  4. Everything Too Faced is amazing. I've thought about doing a pan 10 challenge before, but I kind of like having a lot to choose from!

  5. I'm currently undergoing Project 10 Pan right now, its a great thing to do when you are hoarding a lot of products! I certainly love makeup... but I'm definitely trying to cut down on the amount of products I have! I honestly can't believe I don't have any Too Faced Products in my collection! I definitely need to get some!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. I love that Too Faced Palette! I don't think I could ever do the Pan 10 challenge. I'm such a beauty product hoarder!

    Please check out my blog!
    xo, Michaela
    [ ]

  7. I like elf but have yet to try their BB cream so I'm going to see if they have a good shade for me. I also want to try their HD blush.



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