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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm The Girl Who...

…Loves Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer but cannot afford any of it.

…Thought maxi dresses and maxi skirts were weird last summer and now wears them all the time this summer. You can view those outfits here, here, and here.

…Goes crazy for good sale and clearance racks.

…Always needs to be doing something. I relax by being productive!

…Loves cheesy best friend movies like Aquamarine, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, etc. It's kind of embarrassing how much I love these movies.

…Dreams of being an entrepreneur. Of what kind of business, I'm not sure yet. I like the idea of opening a boutique!

…Is completely obsessed with sorority recruitment. Why am I not in college anymore!? #FutureSororityAdvisor

…Writes thank you notes like it's my job.

…Doesn't understand laying out in the sun all afternoon. Even at the beach. It's just so boring! 

…Doesn't understand midi rings, crop tops, high waisted cut off shorts, cut off shorts, and shorts with an instead less than 3". Why are these things trending?

…How to use an iPhone properly. Seriously. Without Rachael's help, I'd be completely clueless on what iMessage or whatever that is…

…Is completely disorganized. My room is a hot mess. There's so many papers piled into my planner and I can never find anything. I try to stay organized and clean everything up once a week but within a day, it's a mess again. How do you people do it?!

…Tried to watch The Walking Dead but ended up not sleeping for two weeks. It was awful. So many nightmares were induced by that show. BUT IT'S SO GOOD. 

…Hates chevron yet has a chevron dress…explain that one to me…

…Spends way too much time working on blog stuff. Is spending too much time working on your blog such a thing? Nah.

…Participated in #TheInspireSwap hosted by Rachael! I was paired with the darling Amanda who blogs at Cats, Cudding, and Carrot Cake. She was an absolutely wonderful partner and has so many big goals! She hopes to get her doctorate degree, own a kitten, and develop a consistent blogging schedule. Go check out what I sent her

Amanda sent me the sweetest box filled with adorable goodies! 

She made the pens, bookmarks, and keychain herself! She knew I loved my sorority, want to read more this year, and hope to get my driver's license soon! I love traveling so she sent a travel journal and a #CEOmaterial notepad for when I figure out my next business venture! The chocolate and raspberry Godiva bar almost didn't make it into the picture! I definitely had to use some self-control in waiting to eat that deliciousness! Thank you so much for the wonderful box, Amanda!

What kind of girl are you, Darling? Would love to hear how you would finish this sentence: I'm the girl who…

Meet Erica of Coming Up Roses

What is your favorite thing about blogging?: Most definitely reading comments and emails after a "deeper" post is published. It's usually one where I felt pretty goshdarn vulnerable, like this one or this one, scared of putting my serious thoughts and emotions and feelings out there on the world wide web for all to see. 
Why do you blog?: I actually wanted to (and still want to, someday...) write a book. My dream was to have this "best friend" feel, where I could provide insight and advice in a relatable way while still giving a good laugh or provoking thought on a deeper level. Blogging was a perfect stepping stone, though, since now I can talk about whatever I want, whenever. AND I can add pretty pictures and network with some pretty amazing ladies along the way. What could be better?
Besides blogging, what are your favorite hobbies?: Blogging. Oh, besides blogging? Playing piano, pretending I'm a yogi, singing loudly in the shower and in hotel rooms, obsessing over The Bachelor, trying to beat 2048, shopping off-price retail, geeking out over branding, working towards 20 lb. bicep curls and Olivia Pope's coat collection. That sums it up.
Fun fact about yourself: I have a tattoo. And my alter ego's name is La'Taniana'Bo'Vanashrianiqualiquanice.
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  1. Agree with so many of these! Coincidentally my post today is about how I don't understand some of the fashion trends like crop tops!!

  2. Thanks for participating in our link up!

    HC XO,

  3. who doesn't love a good sale! and don't even get me started on The Walking of my faves for sure!

  4. Ahhh girl we have so much in common! I am as messy and disorganized as they come! (Minus my car- that's the one thing in my life I'm crazy about keeping clean!) But my bedroom at home and dorm room is usually quite messy. ;-) I'm so jealous of bloggers who seem to have everything together and have everything clean haha.

    And as for Lilly and Kate... SALES, girl, SALES!! All of my Lilly has been bought on clearance! I stick to my strict college student budget, but I've found good Lilly deals. My tips for you for Lilly are to shop at department stores that sell Lilly and Lilly signature stores instead of actual Lilly Pulitzer stores.... places that sell Lilly but aren't official Lilly P stores usually mark down their clearance more. And keep your eyes on Rue La La and 6 as well! ;-)

    xoxo A

  5. Oh my gosh I HATE midi rings and I thought I was the only one. I just don't understand them at all; I think they make everyone's fingers look a little fat

  6. Ashleigh! I'm pretty sure we need to be best friends. I agree with you on almost all of these!

    Hannah :)
    Polka Dots & Palindromes

  7. I also thought maxi skirts/dresses were awful last year but I love them now, I can't stop buying them! I was debating re-watching the Walking Dead from Season 1 and then my lovely husband said, "I'm not holding you when you have nightmares this time" so I guess that seals that. But it is so good, I want to see it all again!

  8. Girl, why are we so similar?! This was a FANTASTIC post, I'm kind of obsessed!! Love it!!!

  9. I am the exact same way when it comes blogging, I spend way too much planning and designing and thinking about blogging. Its definitely my passion, thank god I found it! Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  10. I can't stand laying out, either--I get SO bored and hot and just randomly splash in the water alone once in a while hahah. I'm the girl...who would much rather sit in bed on Pinterest with wine on a Friday night than have to put on makeup and go out haha!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  11. love. this. post . so much!

  12. I'm totally with you on the Lilly obsession but not enough money to buy it!

  13. I feel you on the entrepreneur thing! I don't think the whole 9-5 thing is really my thing. I've started selling jewelry for Stella & Dot. I'm really hoping to be able to keep growing with them until that's enough to support myself as a full time job. I love that even though it's not exactly my business, it's on my terms.

  14. your swap box is so cute! and totally agree with you on the bargain shopping and not undestanding short shorts. i have no desire to see someones behind hanging out! :P


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