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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wedding Emergency Kit

*Thanks to U by Kotex Pads and Linqia for sponsoring today's discussion.*

It's funny to think of my younger sisters getting married - not because I didn't think that they would, but because baby sisters, by definition, are never old enough to get married. Both of my younger sisters are getting married. During the same weekend. In about a month. They're also 20 year old twins. Yes, you are reading this right. I'll just let all of this sink in for a moment...

Dealing two bridezillas bride-to-be's can be pretty difficult. Double the crafting, double the attitude, double the money, hair, make up…and double the chance of an emergency to occur. While they are busy dealing with the difficulties of taste testing cakes and picking out flowers, I'm thinking of everything that could go wrong. Chapped lips, a snag in the wedding dress from a freshly broken nail, a migraine…or worse - Aunt Flo sends her monthly gift. I pray to god that if this happens, it happens to a bridesmaid and not a bride-to-be. 

The good news is that big sis can deal with emergencies because she is always prepared for anything. I've taken it upon myself to have any potential wedding emergencies solved with just simply opening a jar. Since the first wedding of the two is rustic themed, I figured what better than wedding emergency essentials placed inside a timeless mason jar? 

From blisters from painful heels to paper cuts from wedding cards, Band-Aids are bound to come in handy at weddings.

Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are delicate creations. Straps could break or a hem could rip in the blink of an eye, which is why I make sure to keep safety pins, thread, needles, and mini scissors close by.

If someone in the wedding party breaks a nail, there is a chance that a dress could be snagged! I'll be keeping those snags at bay with nail clippers and a nail file.

After a long outdoor photo session, it'll be time to refresh the lotion and deodorant. No smelly wedding party here!

No one wants to kiss someone with chapped lips and smelly breath! Make sure to bring travel tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth wash, and chapstick to keep this emergency away. *Pro Tip: use the tooth brush to exfoliate your lips!

Weddings always make me cry. There is something so beautiful about two people tying the knot and spending the rest of  their lives together. I can only imagine the emotions a bride may feel leading up to her walk down the aisle. Hopefully, the bride will at least remember to wear waterproof mascara. Either way, I'll have Kleenex tissues close by.

Lastly, I pray that we don't have to deal with this emergency but hey, you can't refuse mother nature's beautiful red gift. No bridesmaid dresses (or white gowns) will be damaged because I also packed a few U by Kotex®  Clean Wear pads with 3D Capture Core. It's a one-of-a-kind pad that locks away liquid to help stop leaks which makes it the most reliable feminine product for the upcoming weddings. 

Now, YOU can receive FREE samples of U by Kotex's awesome (and stylish…if feminine products could be stylish) Clean Wear pads with 3D Capture Core! Who doesn't love free stuff? Sign up to get your FREE sample! 

What else would you put in this wedding emergency kit? 

With Love,


  1. What a lovely idea. I get married in a year and a half and I'm already planning my emergency kit, thanks to this post. I think you've covered everything; what a great sister you are!

  2. I would be so mad if I got my period on my wedding day!! All of the items you packed could come in handy for the bride because you never know!

  3. You are so creative. I never would have thought to put pads in a jar. :) But really, an emergency kit is a MUST. I will go ahead and say that I was completely paranoid of aunt flo visiting on my wedding day.

  4. This is so cute! Great idea.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. Congratulations to both of your sisters. I can't even think of getting married right now, let alone being a relationship! Haha. But that would be crazy to get your period during this time, I think though if you're stressed enough it won't happen until afterwards. Not that being stressed is fun, but your body will help not let it happen.

    This kit is adorable and such a sweet gift to put together. I definitely agree with the Kleenex and chapstick being apart of this. I would also put in a travel size bottle of a perfume or a pretty spray to keep you feeling fresh all day. xoxoxo

    Mostly Lisa

  6. OMG this is adorable!! I love that you put it in mason Jars!!

  7. Great idea! It's perfectly convenient and brides could even take it with them on their honeymoon as a mini-mergency kit.

    Izzique | For beauty, DIY, and lifestyle

  8. What a great emergency kit! I think your sisters are very lucky to have you!

  9. This is such a cute idea! I love it!

  10. This is so adorable and such an amazing idea!!

  11. That is so cool that they're getting married over the same weekend. The Wedding Emergency Kit was so creative!

  12. Hey wow this is great!! My sister's best friend Linda is getting married next month and my sister has been going nuts about writing a wedding speech and making goody bags, give-aways and even an emergency kit for the bride. She has asked me to help her out with this preparation and all. I therefore was kind of checking out some emergency kits for brides and jumped across your blog. Thanks I'm definitely going to show this to her.

  13. Very clever to put everything in a mason jar. I pinned.


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