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Monday, May 5, 2014

We Set the Collegiate Standard

To say that I love my sorority and my Alpha Phi sisters would be an understatement. These women have surrounded me with love, support, and genuine friendship everyday the past four years. I hope that we are able to stay in contact because I have definitely found a few lifelong friends and future bridesmaids throughout this wild journey.

With graduation a week away, we decided to put on our caps and gowns early for a photo shoot so we wouldn't have to hunt each other down on the day of the ceremony. Our friend Spencer took many adorable photos and here are a few of my favorites from the shoot!

Also, be careful with the cap tosses, graduates. We may or may not have had a .gif worthy incident...

Because Alpha Phi and my sisters mean so much to me, I wanted to find a way to show my love for this organization as a post-grad. While I love my stitched letters, I feel like it would be weird to continue wearing them. A few weeks ago, I posted about my graduation wish list featuring a sorority ring from The Collegiate Standard. Well, they graciously sent me the beautiful ring! It was a beautiful surprise and I have worn it everyday since receiving it. This ring is a beautiful way to subtly show my Alpha Phi pride, even as a post-grad. 

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Enter to win an surprise item from The Collegiate Standard! It could be a lavaliere, ring, or pendant! Can't wait to get your own jewelry? use code "GOGREEK10" for 10% off your order!

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With Love,

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  1. So happy you are graduating soon. I am proud of you. Nice giveaway to end it all with, too.

    Stop by my page when you can. I miss you.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo Ashleigh.

  2. Love this!! And the GIF.. dying.
    Love you so much future bridesmaid :)

  3. That ring is gorgeous; I love it! And it would be impossible to pick a favorite of those pictures they're all awesome! But that gif is hilarious..thanks for the laugh!

  4. aww that gif is adorable!!!
    I'm thinking of joining a sorority next year
    seems like an awesome way to meet friends!
    love the post!!!


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