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Friday, February 21, 2014

Thoughts on Selfies

Selfies have been on my mind lately and I was even asked if selfies were narcissistic or showed confidence in my last pageant interview! 

To be honest, I am a bit tired of the older generation's condescending tone towards my generation. Because they owned pet rocks, I really don't think they have any room to judge anyone for anything. I mean seriously? Pet rocks? At least social media can benefit society (when used appropriately, of course). :p

Anyways, my first thought after being asked this question was how interesting it is that the older generation see's my generation as confident/narcissistic because we enjoy taking photos of ourselves and talking about our lives. From my own perspective, I notice my generation faces a lack of confidence in ourselves in almost every area of our lives. Our bodies, grades, financial stability, etc aren't good enough. While I consider my self-confidence to be good - I'm fit, I just paid off my credit card debt, I can hold a decent conversation, and my grades, well, they're just a number - I notice there is a trend of negative self-talk among members of my generation. Coincidentally, I fear my peers view me as narcissistic because I am confident. 

Here's my selfie - #nomakeup #nofilter

A few days after the pageant, I received Glamour's March issue in my mailbox. The issue had an article on page 108 titled "The Big Selfie Debate." How timely. The author, Roxanne Gay pretty much sums up my exact thoughts on this debate when she says...

"I think it's too easy - and rather hypocritical - to dismiss selfies as an exercise in narcissism. For one thing, a woman takes a selfie and she is vain, but not so with a man? Vincent van Gogh painted more than 30 self-portraits...I don't see anyone saying [he was] bringing down society in the process." 

As I said with the early self-hatred amongst my generation, selfies allow us to say to the world "I am here too and I am beautiful." If that's considered narcissistic, then no wonder my generation has low self-confidence. 

What are your thoughts on selfies?

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  1. I don't like taking selfies because I feel like I never can find a flattering angle! I hope that I'll b confident enough to start taking selfies though. I think if girls are taking them because they feel beautiful that day then we should encourage as many selfies as possible!
    love this post girl! xoxo

  2. As someone who is older.. but not pet rock older .. lol. I don't really give the whole selfie a second thought. Personally, I don't take self photo's very well. I'm better in front of a camera when I'm caught off guard :-)


  3. Beautiful girl! I think selfies are a great way to express oneself and show off clothing, makeup, etc. The only ones that really annoy me are the Photobooth marathons haha. Eloquently put!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  4. I love this!!! You know I love selfies, I don't think there's anything wrong with being happy with how you look. You inspire me!
    And congrats on the credit card, that's legit amazing!

  5. I'm all for selfies! Virtually everyone has a way to take and upload a selfie, so it's a way in which our generation and the next can redefine beauty and just empower ourselves. What's wrong with being happy with a few likes, it's just a virtual compliment in my opinion. No one would think you were vain if someone said to you in person they liked your outfit, so what's the big deal with them doing it over an app?

  6. Love this! I agree with you on this topic--a selfie is a way of showing and displaying your beauty and confidence. I think it goes too far when people do it simply for the likes and not because you love how you look.

  7. Seriously if I can look as good as I am in person I would do selfie too but I just don't think my selfies can justify myself. I've seen some people (friends in this case) that look way better in their selfies than in real life, I can see how that could benefit them but not for me. For now (or forever) I would say no to selfie.. but go ahead to those who are into it, not going to judge :)

    Good read.

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  8. Agreed. I think most selfies actually are a result of low self-esteem- most sadly are a plea for attention and validation versus "look at me, I'm awesome." Granted I get annoyed if someone posts one every freaking day, but if you want to show off a new look or accomplishment, go for it!

  9. I think the exact same way! I'm very hesitant of posting selfies, headshots, etc. because I'm afraid it'll be misconstrued as egocentricity. Truth be told, I love selfies! And your no makeup/no filter pictures is sickening... nobody should look that gorg with a bare face! :) Happy Sunday, love!

    Diary of a Debutante

  10. Ahh I now saw this! Oh hey - I agree about selfies, but if people post it 24/7, I get a little annoyed. But a little selfie love never killed nobody ;)

    xo caro, the caro diaries

  11. you look amazing!


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