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Monday, January 20, 2014

Trending: Black Bows

Is it just me or are black bows popping up everywhere right now?! From every fashion blogger (except me, sad face) wearing the adorable H&M dress to the black bow bag showing up in my ShoeDazzle Boutique, black bows are definitely trending and I hope they're here to stay!

What do you think of this trend, Darlings?

Dress: H&M (on sale for $15 right now!)
Earrings: Forever 21  
Bracelet: Benevolent Jewels (use code AJCODE20 for 20% off your order!) 
Black Bag: ShoeDazzle 

This past week was crazy! It was the first full week of classes and I'm already stressed out. I'm taking 24 credit hours this semester because really want to need to graduate on time (please no more student loan debt). I somehow managed to have a pretty awesome schedule despite all the classes. I only have classes on Monday night (boo, cuts into my Bachelor time), all day Tuesday (all day meaning 9 am to 9 pm), and Thursday. This semester I'm taking:

Ecology (boo...)
American Literature (ehh, ok.)
Statistics (SAVE ME.)
Intro to PR (yay!)
Business Communication (ok, yay!)
Risk & Crisis Communication (*scratches head*)
Business Ethics & Responsibility (*continues to scratch head*)
Social Media Marketing (OMG YAY!)

What classes are you taking this semester? 

With Love,


  1. A great giveaway for new bloggers!

  2. Not a bad class schedule, but holy moly is 24 credit hours INSANE! Social media, PR, and biz comm sound fun though. I took biz stats and OMG I DIED. It was AWFUL. So... good luck. Haha.

  3. p.s. I took risk and crisis communication and LOVED it!!!

  4. I'm literally obsessed with black bows right now. I have a black ribbon tied on to all of my bags... obsessive much? Great giveaway! Happy Birthday to the lovely birthday girl! :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  5. Such a fun giveaway with so many bloggers I already followed!!

  6. The bow dress is adorable! And looks like you have quite the semester ahead of you--best of luck! xx

    <(") Hoda

  7. I love the bow trend! So happy to see you were co-hosting this giveaway as well :)
    I hate math, but was surprisingly good at Stats - I'll try to send my knowledge to you telepathically lol
    I'm taking Human Sexuality & Culture this semester. It's absolutely HILARIOUS.



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