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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Girl, Where's My Phone?!

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I'm so excited to take over Ashliegh's blog today! When I first started reading The Darling Prepster, I was drawn to Ashliegh's adorable "About Me" page. When I got to the bottom of her "5 Fun Facts"  I knew it was meant to be as Ashliegh is notorious for misplacing her phone

My roommate in college, Gina, once told me that if anyone was to make my life into a movie, it would be called "Gina, Where's My Phone?" 

Also, who let me out of the house with hoop earrings in? 

This is still 100% true. I'm usually able to recover it within the hour after I remember that I put it on the shelf in the pantry during an intense game of candy crush in order to make a sandwich. That or I call it 700 times and finally hear it ringing inside my sock drawer.

Overall though, I have been SUPER lucky with not losing it permanently or damaging it. Clearly, someone was watching over me last summer when my boyfriend and I decided to head over to a friend's house with a quick stop at a liquor store on the way. Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of moving items from my car to his, I misplaced my phone. I realized this a few minutes into our drive and started to call it repeatedly. Once we heard it buzzing we knew it had to be in the car and relaxed.

We decided not to take the highway, but instead this very windy / bumpy road that runs parallel to it as there is generally less traffic. Once we were at a red light, I started to call the phone again so I could move around and search a bit. At this point the people behind us start honking FURIOUSLY. We became SUPER annoyed and mumbled a few curse words about how we hate Jersey drivers. The whole drive we were convinced every jerk in New Jersey was on the roads that day, honking and waving their hands at us for no apparent reason. 

I had no luck finding my phone but could still hear it buzzing so I figured it probably fell under the seat of the car. We finally pulled into the liquor store parking lot, about ten miles from my home, and began to search the car for my phone. I still couldn't find it anywhere and the buzzing didn't seem to get any closer. Finally, we get out of the car and start to head into the store when I see my phone.

On the trunk of the car. 

This thing made it through ten miles of pot holes, curves & sudden stops on the trunk of a car. Obviously other drivers were trying to alert us but we were both too hard-headed to see it. I still owe Hyundai a thank you letter for their flawless trunk design. 

Also, I used to have a picture of where we found it on my boyfriend's phone, but he recently dropped his cell phone in the toilet. If anyone offers a parenting course for technology, I'd take it.

When I am in possession of my phone, I'll hang out with you here:


  1. Oh my, I'm glad you ended up finding your phone in the end...that's pretty funny. One of my close friends did the same thing, only she was not so lucky. I feel terrible for her because she had 1 year's worth of baby pics from her son on there and most of them got lost because she didn't back them up...eek.

  2. This is the era of which our phone is our lifeline.. wonder how did we get along back in the 80s? Glad you finally found your phone :)

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  3. You got really lucky that you phone stay on the car. The whole drive. I miss place my phone all the time.

  4. I definitely maxed out my phone replacements last year...I just can't hold on to i!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly


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