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Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Skin Regimen

While the worst of my acne days are over, I still have a considerable amount of acne for a 22-year-old. I've tried everything on the market to clear up this issue, and, unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever be rid of acne as it runs in my family. 

For those of you who struggle with acne-prone skin, too, here are my tips for keeping my skin as clear as possible: 

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water! This assists your body in flushing out toxins and other bacteria that could be causing the issue.

Don't pick! This is the toughest one for me and its such a bad habit that I'm trying to break! Do your best to not pick at any break outs. Picking at it can actually spread the bacteria to other areas causing more break outs!

Always wash your make up off at the end of each day! Don't let all that dirt and make up settle into your pores during your skins most important hours! While you're getting your beauty sleep, your skin is hard at work rejuvenating itself; don't let it battle with the makeup, too! 

Below are the products I use to keep acne away and keep my skin looking healthy!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Aveeno makes great noncomedongenic products that won't clog your pores. Their Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser lathers well and leaves my skin feeling fresh. A good cleanser is the base of any good skincare regimen! Every morning, I look forward to applying the Smart Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment to de-puff my sleepy eyes from the lack of sleep I get each night! The cooling roller ball feels so good on my tired eyes!

Say Yes To Tomatoes is a fantastic organic care line created specifically for acne-prone skin in mind! The Roller Ball Spot Stick offers a quick go-to product that diminishes pimples quickly. I only apply it once a day, usually at night, so it doesn't dry out my skin.

Lastly, I use Mary Kay's Botanical Effects Hydrate as my moisturizer right now. It's very light so it works well with my skin in the warmer months. Lately, it's not heavy enough for my dry winter skin as I need to apply two layers to combat the dryness. If you know of a great moisturizer, I'm on the hunt for one! 

What skincare products do you use?

With Love,


  1. I've been trying to get a better regimen because I have dark spots that are irritating me so bad. I think I'll try this and let you know how it turns out!

    Krystal ♥ Kinky.Love.Faith.
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  2. Me and you have the same problem girl! I am 24 now and still get acne. Not super bad but it still sucks to break out! I too also using the Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser among other things! I love it! It feels really good on your skin!

    Samantha C.


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