The Darling Nomadess: What I Wore: Alpha Phi Semi Formal

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What I Wore: Alpha Phi Semi Formal

Saturday night was my chapter's first real semi-formal! In the past we've had semi-formals; however, they were always on campus with no adult beverages present and they were kind of awkward. It always felt like a high school dance and, hello, we're in college now. 

Right before the dance I decided to dye my hair darker and cut off 4" of its length! I found this gorgeous red high low dress at Macy's back in August and had to have it! At the time, it was $99 and we all should know by now - I don't pay full price for anything! I waited two more weeks then visited the store again. It was on sale. For $49. Next thing I knew, this baby was hanging up in my closet! 

I had a ton of fun at semi-formal with Dr. Prep, his Phi Psi family, which also happened to be many of my sisters' dates, my Littles, and best friends! 

Pretty good lookin' group, dontcha say?!
From left to right: Me, Christian (Dr. Prep), Harry (Meg's date, obvi), Meg (the best friend), Ethan (Dr. Prep's grand little), John (Dr. Prep's Little), and Emily (my Little)

Photo Credit: Spencer Stadnik

Darn those dress hangers!

Dress: Macy's
Necklace: C/O Accessory Mercado

Alpha Phi and Phi Psi family photo at the dance hall!
We're only missing Christian's other Little, Jareth, my first Little (my "first born" haha!), Tricia, and my Grand little, Chelsea! Maybe one day we'll be able to get the whole family! 

What did you wear or would you wear to your sorority's semi formal?

With Love,

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  1. Really pretty dress!! You look like Blake Lively a bit :)

  2. Ash, I LOVE your dress! You look so beautiful in those pictures!

    I'm glad you finally got to have your first semi formal! Our semi this year was "Great Gatsby" themed and we dressed the part. I can't wait for formal to buy another dress & I can't wait to see your formal dress in the spring!


  3. You look so beautiful! That dress is all sorts of adorable!

  4. So pretty! Love the gold with the red .. beautiful <3


  5. Obsessed with that dress. Gorgeous. Hope you had a great time!

    xoxo Jenny

  6. Such a pretty dress! I feel like I never look good in anything sparkly though. I never know what to do with the hanger straps on my clothes. They always come show themselves! Even when they've got sleeves they manage to show themselves. -_-

    Mo |

  7. So cute! LOve your new hair, too! Looks like such fun!

  8. your dress looks amazing on you! It's so festive and lovely!

  9. I think the hair cut, the hair color, and the dress all look GREAT! Ugh, and aren't semi-formals the absolute BEST?! Wow, y'all are saints to have put up with them being held on campus for so long... I think my sorority would have had a small riot if that happened and don't even get me started on the fraternities! I'm glad you and your "family" all had such a fun time! :)

  10. That gold sparkly dress is absolutely fabulous - and you look stunning in it.

  11. Ahh, I love your dress!! It's so perfect. Seeing your posts about APhi and sorority life makes me so excited to rush in January.


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