The Darling Nomadess: Welcome to the Lineage: Big/Little Gifts and Reveal!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome to the Lineage: Big/Little Gifts and Reveal!

This past week was my sorority's Big/Little Week! I'm a great grandbig this year and also a big, again! I wasn't originally planning on taking a Little this year simply because, well, I'm old (#seniorprobs). After getting to know two of the sophomores who joined through informal recruitment, I decided to take a Little and ended up with twins this year! Though it was unexpected, I am very excited to see my Alpha Phi family grow and honored to have the opportunity to mentor my now three beautiful Littles!

Over the course of the past week, I've been secretly leaving gifts by my Littles' rooms! I crafted just about everything since I was on a strict budget for Little gifts. Here are some of the gifts I surprised my Littles with over the course of the week!

Day One: The twins received a decorated piggy bank, a glittery wood sign with their names on it, and a decorated wine bottle with a flower with a quote attached saying "Of all the flowers in the field I see, you are the Little for me! I'd pick you every time, Little!"

Day Two: The girls received their favorite candies, beverage, matching bows, a koozie, and a decorated letter of the their first initial! Also, looking to paint chevron for your Little? Check out my easiest way to paint chevron guide! I also gave them some "Big" advice!

Day Three: While they were in class, I snuck in and decorated their rooms! They received a few tee shirts, three canvases, a few door decs, and of course the surprise of their room being decorated! One of their canvas' was painted in Alpha Phi's Lilly Pulitzer print! It's actually super easy to paint and you can find that guide here

Day Four: They received their Phi bears, a set of mini canvases that I painted with Alpha Phi letters and a set of wood letters that I was tempted to keep after I completed their paint job!

Next, came reveal! Finally! Emily had her's early Wednesday evening because she had to leave for a wedding the next morning. We had her stand on one side of a sheet and the big on the other side while two girls held up the sheet in-between them. Then they would drop the sheet once both parties were ready. Well, I pranked her because she already knew I was her Big so I had another girl stand behind the sheet! She was so confused when the sheet dropped; pretty funny. Anyways, I'm so glad this girl is my little as she is so sweet, adorable, and I just can't wait to make memories with her! 

Emma had her reveal on Thursday with the rest of her new member class! Basically, all of the Littles stood in a circle facing outward while the bigs circled around the Littles while singing one of our sorority songs, then when the singing stopped, the Bigs ran to our Littles! I am so excited to have Emma as one of my littles! She is sassy and very fun to be around!

And now my beautiful Alpha Phi family...

After Emma's reveal she wanted to show me where she put all of her gifts and I just love the way she hung her gifts! So cute, right?! 

Then both Emily and Emma gave me gifts! How adorable is this mason jar and the canvas!? I died when I saw the canvas, I mean, check out that quote! ;p

With Love,


  1. These are so cute! I'm in Alpha Gam & I already have a little, but I love to spoil her & may be stealing some of your ideas! I also am going to share them with my little for when she gets hers!


  2. Ahh that's so cute! It's big/little week for me too, and I'm dying to know who my big is! Such a struggle!
    But definitely post your DIYs because I'll be crafting for my biggie soon!

  3. Aw, those first pictures of the piggy bank brought back such nice childhood memories. The gifts are so sweet!!


  4. Alpha Phi's big little reveal is absolutely one of my favorite events! It sounds like you all did it similar to how we did. How fun!


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