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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Living on $1

One of the great things about college are the free lectures you can attend outside of the classroom as many colleges bring in speakers that address important social issues. Recently, we hosted Zach Ingrasci, founder of Living on One.

As a Habitat For Humanity volunteer, poverty is an issue that is close to my heart. Zach shared his story of living on $1a day in a rural Guatemalan village during summer 2010 with three of his friends. Mind you they were university students at that time. I am always inspired by university students - we have big dreams and we aren't afraid to go after them.

1.1 billion people around the world live on under one dollar a day. It's hard to wrap my mind around that number. While in Guatemala, Zach and his friends filmed a documentary of their time in the country. Their documentary went on to win Best Documentary at the Sonoma International film Festival and other awards. You can view the trailer below. 

This fall semester is what living on One is calling the Semester of Change. They have embarked on a speaking tour and created an 8-part video series of what they've learned about the challenges of providing clean water and creating jobs. You can view the first episode here.  

I invite you to explore their website! How different would your life be if you had to survive on only $1 a day?

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  1. They showed this at my school, but I sadly couldn't go. I did watch the trailer and go to the website--how awesome is their work!

    Thanks for sharing this :)

    xo, gina


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