The Darling Nomadess: How to Budget for Your Sorority Little(s)!

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Budget for Your Sorority Little(s)!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am taking two little sisters under my wing in my sorority this year, as well as a great-grandlittle! Big/Little Week is this week for my Alpha Phi chapter and lawd knows how expensive spoiling your favorite new sorority women can be! Having a budget for your little (or littles in my case!) is very important if you don't want to regret looking at your bank account later! Here are some tips on budgeting for your Little's gifts!

Plan ahead. If you are planning on taking a Little in the fall, start planning ahead over the summer! Purchasing generic gifts (like candy dishes, wood letters, stuffed animals of your mascot, etc) in advance will give your wallet a break in the weeks preceding Big/Little Week. 

Make a list of everything you want to make or purchase! This will keep you on track when you are out shopping so you don't buy unnecessary gifts or items you know you simply cannot afford. If you plan on doing a lot of crafting, make sure to also include items that you'll need to complete the craft (paint, puffy paint, ribbon, scrapbook paper, etc). Personally, I use an excel spreadsheet of what I plan to give my Littles each day! This definitely helps keep everything organized, especially if you have more than one Little joining your family!

Research the best price on the items you need. After creating my list of gifts, I researched at online stores like JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target and Michael's to make sure I was getting the best deal for the items I needed! (Make sure to check out my guide for online shopping, too!)

Use coupons! Sign up for online newsletters for your favorite craft supply stores as they often email out special coupons and sales! Even try searching for apps to your favorite stores! Hobby Lobby's free iPhone app gives you a weekly coupon right on your phone! Looking for Greek jewelry? Check out A-List Greek Designs! Use code Ashliegh at checkout for 10% off and free shipping! You're welcome! 

Share with your sisters. Many of your sisters (especially the older girls) will have craft supplies you can borrow or trade! Don't worry about using your budget on paint if you could just borrow it from another sister or even split the cost! 

How do you prepare for your Little?

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  1. I always love reading budgeting tips!

  2. I use excel spreadsheets... haha! Can't wait to be a grand big <3

  3. My sororities' colors are red and green, so around christmas time I stock up the day after christmas when everything is 50% off or more. They always have adorable letter ornaments, or beautiful things that don't look too christmas-y!

  4. I hope your big/little week was tons of fun! #HCXO


  5. Thank you for these tips! Going to keep this in mind for Spring Recruitment!


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