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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Break Travels:

Spending fall break with some of my best friends in West Virginia was probably one of the better ideas I've had recently! We had plenty of time to relax, eat way to much good food, shop, and sight see! It was a great weekend to recharge and spend quality time with two of of my Alpha Phi sisters, Rachael and Joni. We were also joined by my boyfriend, Christian, and two of his Phi Kappa Psi brothers, Sam and Dane. 

After arriving late Friday night, we slept in on Saturday and then made our way over to Christian's alma mater to watch his old football team play. After the game, the girls watched movies and worked on homework (Rachael and I worked on our blogs, make sure to check her's out here!) while the boys watched more football. #shocker

Sunday was spent at the Leesburg Outlets (no pun intended)! Rachael and I did some major damage to our bank accounts! I hunted down the Vineyard Vines Outlet and died when I found the cutest pair of light green cropped pants on sale from $98 to $19...then used a student discount to lower that price even further! Shopping tip: always ask if the store has a student discount! My only regret is not buying another pair. 

Next door to V.V. was Sperry Top-Sider. I was in prep heaven. Sperrys was also have an awesome sale and I picked up a pair of pale yellow cotton Sperry's! After doing some personal shopping, I started working on my Christmas list. Hey, it's never too early to start! 

On Monday, all six of us crammed into one car and made our way up to Gettysburg! It was the perfect afternoon as the fall weather was beautiful! This was my first trip to Gettysburg and I thought it was very fun and the town is just adorable! For lunch, we stopped at a Malt Shop and had the best food ever! I even had a chocolate cherry malt, even though I'm kind of lactose intolerant. It was completely worth it.

Statue overlooking Little Round Top

The Girls

The guys (...and girls...)

Overall, it was a wonderful break and time well-spent with good travels and even better company. 

Where would you travel on your next available weekend?

With Love,


  1. That trip was soo fun! I'm glad we were able to go together. Love you, girl!

  2. Ah, outlet shopping! You got some GREAT deals! Pretty jealous ;-)

    Looks like you had a lovely time!


  3. I love the Leesburg Outlets! You got some great deals!

  4. my next available weekend....Hm. I think to Ohio. And to see you!?!?!! But for real can't wait. and 19 dollaaaaa pants? Damn steal. you go girl!


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