The Darling Nomadess: October 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Paint Alpha Phi's Lilly Pulitzer Print

Before recruitment, we received these new 5 foot Alpha Phi letters from a sister's dad! When they arrived in our suite, they were only primed. Sarah, one of my sorority sisters, wanted to paint them the Lilly Pulitzer print and I volunteered to help her. At the time, I had no idea how to even begin painting the print but she convinced me that it was very easy. She's right! Painting a Lilly Pulitzer print might seem intimidating, but once you start, it's actually very simple! 

Since painting these giant letters, I've been painting our Lilly Pulitzer inspired print on everything! I even made adorable canvas' for my Littles and a clipboard for another one of our new members! Since it's so simple, I figured I would teach you preppy Darlings how to paint Lilly inspired prints, too!

Step 1: Paint the desired area with pink paint. It doesn't really matter what the pattern looks like! It might look similar to pink camo print when you complete this first step. 
Side note: Make sure to prime the area you are painting white first. This will allow the pink to be brighter and it won't take as many layers of paint to get the opaque look. 

Step 2: Add details such as flowers, ivy leaves, forget-me-nots, swirls, letters, and Alpha Phi in cursive font! It's ok if you mess up because Lilly Pulitzer prints are not meant to look perfect! Use a small paint brush that you can easily control and a darker pink paint for these details. 

Step 3: Add the even smaller details. Paint the center of the flowers and Alpha Phi letters with a light pink paint. Make sure to leave the outside edge of the darker pink showing through!

As you can see, it's very easy to paint! I would love to see your Lilly-inspired painted items so feel free to send photos to!

With Love,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Accessory Mercado

Even though I was on fall break last weekend, I still made sure to dress up and look cute! The week before fall break, I received a package full of beautiful gems from Accessory Mercado and couldn't wait to style them while on my trip to West Virginia and Gettysburg!

Outfit #1: Football Game

Necklace: C/O Accessory Mercado
Booties: ShoeDazzle
Jacket, Tee, and Jeans are old

For this outfit, I really wanted to showoff the necklace without being too over the top. I mean, it's a football game! With the basic jeans and tee look, I was able to use the necklace and booties to dress it up just enough.

Outfit #2: Gettysburg

Necklace: C/O Accessory Mercado
Cobalt Bangle: C/O Accessory Mercado
Peplum top: Marshall's
Jeans: Macy's
Ballet Flats: Macy's
Jacket: gift from Christian 

Christian surprised me with this jacket after our day at the Leesburg Outlets! It's a gorgeous leather jacket and I wear it practically everyday because it's so cute! Christian has pretty good taste. 
I love the way this necklace looks with my black peplum top! The top has two gold zippers right at my waist line an the gold of the necklace was the perfect touch and the cobalt bracelet added just enough color for a fun look!

Accessory Mercado is an amazing accessory flash sale using Facebook as the sale site!  They  offer amazing designer-inspired accessories for those women on a budget.  Every Wednesday at 8 pm and Sundays at noon, they offer necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves and rings that are on trend and on budget.  How great, right?  The thrill of the budget find while shopping from Facebook! Make sure to like their Facebook page and check in on tomorrow's sale at 8 pm! 
How would you wear these accessories, Darling?
With Love,

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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Easiest Way to Paint Chevron

As I was making gifts for my Littles a few weeks ago, I came across this tutorial for painting chevron. A lot of tutorials for chevron painting will have you draw out a grid  or flip over backwards before you can start the chevron-ing process. Ain't nobody got time for that! After I saw this quick trick, I knew it was genius and had to share it with you darlings!

Simply cut a corner off of a piece of paper and tape around the edges! With this trick, you can space out the stripes as much or as little as you want! After you finish painting in your stripes, let the paint dry. Then, peel off the tape and BOOM! You have perfect chevron stripes! So easy, right?!

Happy Chevron-ing!

With Love,

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Well...That's Embarrassing!

1 // 2 // 3

I kicked off the weekend with a dinner date with Rachael yesterday! While at dinner, we discussed blogging, of course, and we got onto the subject of making friends in this crazy blogworld. Rachael mentioned that I should reply to the comments I receive on a post and I was like, wait, what?! I thought I did!?

When I comment on other blogs, I always receive a reply in my email. Well, when I receive comments on this little blog of mine, I click the reply button right below each persons comment and comment that way thinking that my reader way getting an email about my response. Finds out I've been doing it all wrong! 

I feel awful because I feel like my readers haven't had a real opportunity to interact with me now that I've learned this! I always reply to every comment but I didn't realize that the original commenter wasn't aware of my response! Now I have my comments set up to where they will be emailed to me so I can actually respond to each and every one of your comments and you'll be aware that I am not ignoring your comments! I love hearing from my readers!!

I guess ya learn something new everyday, right?!

Anyways, I don't know about you darlings but I am currently obsessed with all of the photos of fall fashion in my Pinterest feed! I want, no, need, a vest! The J.Crew Herringbone Vest is definitely on my Christmas list this year. What is your favorite fall look? 

With Love,

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Style: What to Wear to Class

What sorority woman doesn't love to look polished for class?!
One of my favorite outfits is my striped button up paired with skinny jeans, riding boots, pearls, and a bow in my hair, of course! Bow hair clips are the perfect way to keep my bangs out of my face when I need to study.

Rika, the owner of Republic of Pigtails, sent me this adorable yellow hair bow last week and I may or may not be totally obsessed with it...ok, ok, I definitely am! I love how it's different from all of my other bows with the second smaller gold bow accent! Each of Rika's hair bows are handmade from salvaged materials and each bow is unique! Rika believes that no two pieces should be identical, as the people who wear them are unique in their own way! 

Rika started her business after being inspired by her daughter, her daughter's friends, and their stylish moms! I found a lot of the styles to be geared more towards kids or a little over the top but that won't stop me from loving the Simone hair clip (the one I'm wearing and totally obsessed with!).

What do you think of hair bows, Darlings?

With Love,

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Break Travels:

Spending fall break with some of my best friends in West Virginia was probably one of the better ideas I've had recently! We had plenty of time to relax, eat way to much good food, shop, and sight see! It was a great weekend to recharge and spend quality time with two of of my Alpha Phi sisters, Rachael and Joni. We were also joined by my boyfriend, Christian, and two of his Phi Kappa Psi brothers, Sam and Dane. 

After arriving late Friday night, we slept in on Saturday and then made our way over to Christian's alma mater to watch his old football team play. After the game, the girls watched movies and worked on homework (Rachael and I worked on our blogs, make sure to check her's out here!) while the boys watched more football. #shocker

Sunday was spent at the Leesburg Outlets (no pun intended)! Rachael and I did some major damage to our bank accounts! I hunted down the Vineyard Vines Outlet and died when I found the cutest pair of light green cropped pants on sale from $98 to $19...then used a student discount to lower that price even further! Shopping tip: always ask if the store has a student discount! My only regret is not buying another pair. 

Next door to V.V. was Sperry Top-Sider. I was in prep heaven. Sperrys was also have an awesome sale and I picked up a pair of pale yellow cotton Sperry's! After doing some personal shopping, I started working on my Christmas list. Hey, it's never too early to start! 

On Monday, all six of us crammed into one car and made our way up to Gettysburg! It was the perfect afternoon as the fall weather was beautiful! This was my first trip to Gettysburg and I thought it was very fun and the town is just adorable! For lunch, we stopped at a Malt Shop and had the best food ever! I even had a chocolate cherry malt, even though I'm kind of lactose intolerant. It was completely worth it.

Statue overlooking Little Round Top

The Girls

The guys (...and girls...)

Overall, it was a wonderful break and time well-spent with good travels and even better company. 

Where would you travel on your next available weekend?

With Love,

Saturday, October 19, 2013

OOTD: Road Trip Edition

Fall Break is finally here and I am spending my weekend with some of my best friends in West Virginia! I brought my friends Joni and Rachael and Christian brought two of his fraternity brothers, Sam and Dane home for a mini-retreat of sorts.

After classes were completed yesterday, we had a 7 hour drive ahead of us, and there was no way I was going to be rocking my usual skinny jeans and button up! But, if you know me, you know that I always try to look a little polished so I chose my black leggings, white oxford shoes, J.Crew cardigan, and my new Kiss My Southern Sass tank! Comfy enough for the long car ride yet polished enough to show my face once we reached our final destination...even though it was 2 am...and everyone already went to bed...

Road-tripping with Rachael from Pretty in Pink is always a blast! 
Enter to win your own Bows over Bros tank top from Kiss My Southern Sass in the Rafflecopter below!

With love,

Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome to the Lineage: Big/Little Gifts and Reveal!

This past week was my sorority's Big/Little Week! I'm a great grandbig this year and also a big, again! I wasn't originally planning on taking a Little this year simply because, well, I'm old (#seniorprobs). After getting to know two of the sophomores who joined through informal recruitment, I decided to take a Little and ended up with twins this year! Though it was unexpected, I am very excited to see my Alpha Phi family grow and honored to have the opportunity to mentor my now three beautiful Littles!

Over the course of the past week, I've been secretly leaving gifts by my Littles' rooms! I crafted just about everything since I was on a strict budget for Little gifts. Here are some of the gifts I surprised my Littles with over the course of the week!

Day One: The twins received a decorated piggy bank, a glittery wood sign with their names on it, and a decorated wine bottle with a flower with a quote attached saying "Of all the flowers in the field I see, you are the Little for me! I'd pick you every time, Little!"

Day Two: The girls received their favorite candies, beverage, matching bows, a koozie, and a decorated letter of the their first initial! Also, looking to paint chevron for your Little? Check out my easiest way to paint chevron guide! I also gave them some "Big" advice!

Day Three: While they were in class, I snuck in and decorated their rooms! They received a few tee shirts, three canvases, a few door decs, and of course the surprise of their room being decorated! One of their canvas' was painted in Alpha Phi's Lilly Pulitzer print! It's actually super easy to paint and you can find that guide here

Day Four: They received their Phi bears, a set of mini canvases that I painted with Alpha Phi letters and a set of wood letters that I was tempted to keep after I completed their paint job!

Next, came reveal! Finally! Emily had her's early Wednesday evening because she had to leave for a wedding the next morning. We had her stand on one side of a sheet and the big on the other side while two girls held up the sheet in-between them. Then they would drop the sheet once both parties were ready. Well, I pranked her because she already knew I was her Big so I had another girl stand behind the sheet! She was so confused when the sheet dropped; pretty funny. Anyways, I'm so glad this girl is my little as she is so sweet, adorable, and I just can't wait to make memories with her! 

Emma had her reveal on Thursday with the rest of her new member class! Basically, all of the Littles stood in a circle facing outward while the bigs circled around the Littles while singing one of our sorority songs, then when the singing stopped, the Bigs ran to our Littles! I am so excited to have Emma as one of my littles! She is sassy and very fun to be around!

And now my beautiful Alpha Phi family...

After Emma's reveal she wanted to show me where she put all of her gifts and I just love the way she hung her gifts! So cute, right?! 

Then both Emily and Emma gave me gifts! How adorable is this mason jar and the canvas!? I died when I saw the canvas, I mean, check out that quote! ;p

With Love,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Wish List

1 // 2 // 3

This Camel Sweater  from JCrew is so darn cute and loots so cozy! I would totally rock this sweater with a red plaid button up underneath and a pair of relaxed skinny jeans! This sweater would totally make hump day worthwhile! 

Can we just take a moment to admire these adorable 2-tone lace up oxfords from Charlotte Russe? I don't know about you, but I would rock these all season long!

Alex and Ani bracelets have recently gained a lot of popularity and I see why - they're so pretty and versatile! Their Oyster and Pearl bracelet is my personal favorite!! I mean, it has a pearl! Of course it's my favorite! If anyone wants to send me one as a gift you could totally use StudentRate to get 7% cashback on your purchase! ;]

What's on your wish list, Darlings?

With Love,

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Budget for Your Sorority Little(s)!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am taking two little sisters under my wing in my sorority this year, as well as a great-grandlittle! Big/Little Week is this week for my Alpha Phi chapter and lawd knows how expensive spoiling your favorite new sorority women can be! Having a budget for your little (or littles in my case!) is very important if you don't want to regret looking at your bank account later! Here are some tips on budgeting for your Little's gifts!

Plan ahead. If you are planning on taking a Little in the fall, start planning ahead over the summer! Purchasing generic gifts (like candy dishes, wood letters, stuffed animals of your mascot, etc) in advance will give your wallet a break in the weeks preceding Big/Little Week. 

Make a list of everything you want to make or purchase! This will keep you on track when you are out shopping so you don't buy unnecessary gifts or items you know you simply cannot afford. If you plan on doing a lot of crafting, make sure to also include items that you'll need to complete the craft (paint, puffy paint, ribbon, scrapbook paper, etc). Personally, I use an excel spreadsheet of what I plan to give my Littles each day! This definitely helps keep everything organized, especially if you have more than one Little joining your family!

Research the best price on the items you need. After creating my list of gifts, I researched at online stores like JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target and Michael's to make sure I was getting the best deal for the items I needed! (Make sure to check out my guide for online shopping, too!)

Use coupons! Sign up for online newsletters for your favorite craft supply stores as they often email out special coupons and sales! Even try searching for apps to your favorite stores! Hobby Lobby's free iPhone app gives you a weekly coupon right on your phone! Looking for Greek jewelry? Check out A-List Greek Designs! Use code Ashliegh at checkout for 10% off and free shipping! You're welcome! 

Share with your sisters. Many of your sisters (especially the older girls) will have craft supplies you can borrow or trade! Don't worry about using your budget on paint if you could just borrow it from another sister or even split the cost! 

How do you prepare for your Little?

With Love,

Monday, October 7, 2013

Krass & Co. Review [and Giveaway!]

 Raise your hand if your weekend uniform consists of Norts. 
I thought so. 
Have you ever wished your Norts came in preppy patterns and preppy colors...kinda like these...

No, you're not dreaming! 
A few weeks ago, Krass & Co. sent me a pair of the adorable Beachcomber shorts and the second I opened the package, I knew it was love. I wear them all the time - when I'm working out, when I'm lounging...even right now as I'm blogging.

Though Krass & Co. started back in 2010, they just start created a women's line this year! Besides coming in preppy prints, these shorts feature an inner lining, comfortable drawstring waistband, and a small pocket built in the lining for your phone or keys! The material is super comfortable and soft, too!

The inside pocket great for walking but I wouldn't recommend using it if you plan to run in the shorts. Let's just say I had an embarrassing moment on the rec center track when my phone weighed down my shorts while running...haha... #awkward #mylife 

Also, Krass & Co. has their label sewn in upside down on the inside of the waistband so when you roll them, they'll be right side up! #GoodMarketing

Now you can enter to win a pair of Krass & Co. shorts of your own! Enter the Rafflecopter below to enter!

With Love,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome Home, Baby Oliver!

A few weeks ago I received a text from one of my Alpha Phi sisters asking if I wanted a kitten! Of course, I said yes! Today, my roommate, Megan, and I welcomed baby Oliver home! He is so tiny and fits right in the palm of your and and is so darn curious! I'm so excited to watch this little guy grow!

Follow me on Instagram for more kitten photos, coming soon!

With Love,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Living on $1

One of the great things about college are the free lectures you can attend outside of the classroom as many colleges bring in speakers that address important social issues. Recently, we hosted Zach Ingrasci, founder of Living on One.

As a Habitat For Humanity volunteer, poverty is an issue that is close to my heart. Zach shared his story of living on $1a day in a rural Guatemalan village during summer 2010 with three of his friends. Mind you they were university students at that time. I am always inspired by university students - we have big dreams and we aren't afraid to go after them.

1.1 billion people around the world live on under one dollar a day. It's hard to wrap my mind around that number. While in Guatemala, Zach and his friends filmed a documentary of their time in the country. Their documentary went on to win Best Documentary at the Sonoma International film Festival and other awards. You can view the trailer below. 

This fall semester is what living on One is calling the Semester of Change. They have embarked on a speaking tour and created an 8-part video series of what they've learned about the challenges of providing clean water and creating jobs. You can view the first episode here.  

I invite you to explore their website! How different would your life be if you had to survive on only $1 a day?

With Love,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Inspiration

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

It's been a wild few weeks with preparing for sorority recruitment, recruitment, catching up from recruitment, attempting to stay on top of my classes and homework, and my internships. Oh, and did I mention I am also welcoming two new Little Sisters into my sorority family (and a great-grandlittle)?! It is definitely an exciting time to be an Alpha Phi right now!

While the past few weeks have been stressful (and extremely fun!) I am starting to run a little low on inspiration for what to write about on this little blog of mine! I know there is so much going on in my crazy life and I'm sure you all want to hear about it, but I'm a little reserved when it comes to opening up on this blog. That and I don't want to overwhelm my non-Greek collegiate readers with sorority living! Last night, I made a huge list of ideas for future blog posts so get excited for that, Darlings! For my sorority Darlings, don't you worry, there will also be plenty of sorority topics coming soon! I am taking two littles so get excited for some DIY'S! 

How is your semester going?!

With Love,