The Darling Nomadess: Sorority Recruitment: Night 1

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sorority Recruitment: Night 1

While being M.I.A. for the past two weeks, I've been hanging out with my Alpha Phi sisters through recruitment and now getting to know our beautiful new members! Our theme for sorority recruitment last week was Alpha Phi's Secret and a play on Victoria's Secret merchandise. It was a lot of pink, a lot of little dogs, and a lot of fun! 

In preparing for recruitment, there is always a lot of crafting to be done! Which is fine by me because I love crafting! I made all of our informational tri-boards and helped paint the Alpha Phi Lilly Pulitzer print onto our new 5 foot letters! Check out that tutorial here

For the first night of recruitment, our outfits were black heels, black skinny jeans, black blazers, and a tank top provided by our recruitment department. What the department didn't realize when they picked this outfit was that it made us look like we actually worked as Victoria's Secret! Night one is always overwhelming for all involved! The potential new members don't know what to expect and the women already in the sorority are nervous about creating conversation! Thankfully, we all survived…somehow...

Did you go through recruitment this year, Darlings?

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  1. That is such a cute recruitment theme! I LOVE it! The theme at my school for all of Panhellenic was "Set Sail with Panhellenic" so our recruitment t-shirts had cute little sailboats on them. :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Oh I miss recruitment! You all look adorable!

  3. Recruitment at my school isn't too big, especially because it's the fall! I love big schools that do it though :)


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