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Friday, August 16, 2013

What to Wear for Sorority Recruitment

Today I'm uniting with my university's Panhellenic and IFC councils to do Movers and Shakers, a program to help the incoming freshmen move into their dorms. While I'm lifting heavy boxes and carrying them up 5 flights of stairs, I have Natalie from guest posting about what to wear for the first day of sorority recruitment! Catch ya later!


Cue the nostalgia. With back to school season gearing back up, I can’t help but think of my own experience – and getting ready to take the big step of putting myself out there to join a sorority.
I became a member of Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority – Tau chapter, as a sophomore in college at Colorado State University. I remember spending hours before my first day of recruitment as a potential new member trying to figure out what to wear, because, as we all know, first impressions are a huge part of landing a spot in sisterhood heaven.  
As I now look back fondly on my first few days of recruitment, maybe what I wore wasn’t as important as I thought. In hindsight, the most important thing I can emphasize is to be yourself – fashion included.
As you roam through different chapters and meet countless women, remember you are choosing a chapter just as much as the chapter chooses you. There is no need to splurge and buy a super-expensive designer clad outfit just to fit in on the first day. These are the women who will become your best friends and family, not only for the next four years, but for the rest of your life. You want to show them who you really are. So, if that means rocking some colored skinny jeans and your favorite flats, paired with some glam arm candy, you go, girl.
My best advice is to shop your own closet. Wear the outfit that makes you feel the most fabulous version of you, and let your personality do the talking. Naturally, you probably won’t be able to resist buying at least one new piece to complete the outfit (I don’t blame you), but you can do it on the cheap! Spice up an old outfit with a new accessory, or pair of killer shoes. Use money-saving websites like, where you can get Cash Back for shopping your favorite stores. Perfectly-styled plus money back in your purse? Uh, yes, please!   
And, for a little alumnae insight, if I had to do it all over again, here is what I would wear as an incoming freshman to sorority recruitment:

Outfit breakdown: I paired skinny jeans with a statement-color blouse. I love these pointed flats – I’ve been into gold studs lately, and think they are an ode to my wild side. The gold accessories (pearl earrings and bracelet) add just the right amount of class.
Disclaimer: Make sure you check your university’s sorority recruitment guidelines. Some schools require incoming women to adhere to a specific dress code. Be familiar with the norm of your school. When I joined, CSU was very relaxed, and potential new members could wear whatever they pleased.
Remember, feeling confident in yourself will shine through more than any designer label. Isn’t that the key to being head of the class?
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Are you going through sorority recruitment this year?

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  1. That top is too cute!! At my school all of the girls had to wear black dresses for rush - takes out some (but definitely not all) of the outfit anxiety.

    Kristina does the Internets

    1. That makes it so easy for the girls going through rush! I know on the sorority side of recruitment we all wear black dresses for preference round! Kristina, were you in a sorority?!


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