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Monday, August 19, 2013

How Volunteering Benefits YOU, too!

Growing up, my family never had very much; however, the value of volunteering was instilled in me very early on. I remember every Christmas, my parents would allow my siblings and I to pick a star off of this large Christmas tree in my church. The stars were filled with information about other kids who were less fortunate and who's family's were unable to supply gifts under the tree that year. We would then go shopping and pick out clothes, toys, and basic necessities. Personally, giving gifts to those kids was better than opening my own on Christmas Day. 

For the past three years, I have been dedicated to volunteering with Habitat For Humanity. Throughout the school year I, and other students at my university, help build houses in our campus' community. Volunteering has been so rewarding in so many ways and I love to spend my spring breaks traveling with Habitat For Humanity. 

I think it's important to note that not only are you giving back to your community and lending a helping hand to those who need it, but you are also benefiting through the experience of volunteering that can even help your resume! It's said that about 73% of employers would rather recruit a candidate with volunteer experience over someone who doesn't (read more here)! 

The benefits you could reap through volunteering include:

Develop a new skill // After my years of service with Habitat for Humanity, I know I could assist in building my own house or do basic home repairs - definitely a skill worth having rather than pay someone else! 

Build confidence through accomplishing something worthwhile // With Habitat, here is nothing more fulfilling than starting a week with a slab of concrete and by the end of the week there is a house standing in that same spot. 
Boost your career options and resume // As I said, most employers would rather hire someone with volunteer experience! 
Expand you interpersonal skills // Motivating others, understanding people better, and dealing with difficult situations are just a few skills you might add to your repertoire.
and so many more!

One person truly can make a difference in the world. When others see you volunteer, you inspires others to volunteer, also!

So get out there, find a cause you're passionate about and volunteer!

Do you volunteer? With which organization or cause? 

With Love,

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