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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The BEST Summer Beach Reads

Yesterday I introduced you to Caroline, the blogger behind The Caro Diaries! Caroline and I became friends when we both joined the Her Campus Blogger Network and she is seriously fabulous with an amazing blog! Make sure to go say hello!

Hey y’all! I’m Caroline from The Caro Diaries  and I’m so excited to be guest posting on Ashliegh’s blog today. I love The Darling Daily. I’m a lifestyle, college and fashion blogger from the Caribbean experiencing the good ol’ USA in college in CT. I believe in the good things in life like shopping, Pinterest, curling up with a good book, the occasional glass of wine and lots and lots of laughter.

For me, nothing beats a rainy or snowy day, comfy pajamas and a great book, except for maybe a ridiculously sunny day, laying out on the beach with a great book. Being lucky enough to live in the Caribbean, I get sunshine and beaches whenever I want (a far cry from what it’s like during the school year in CT), and I’ve perfected what I consider “beach reads.”

Though some of these books are a little bit long (Molly McAdams’ especially – but SO worth it!), these are great for a little romance and heat while you’re out in the sun! These are interesting enough to keep you captivated, but carefree enough that you don’t have to think too much and can give your mind a break. I threw in Ellen’s book because I think she’s genuinely one of the funniest women and I consider her to be very empowering – a theme I continued with Katie Couric’s book, which is a compilation of some of the most inspiring lessons and speeches I’ve read.

To me, these books are the perfect companions for a beach trip or a weekend getaway, or even a Sunday morning curled in bed. I use my Kindle a little too much, and it has become a dangerous accessory for my credit card (it’s still crying from all my “gifts to myself” this semester..). These books, plus any book by Abbi Glines, are the definition of a perfect summer novel. So I hope you guys join me on my venture to read 30 books this summer!

Happy reading, guys! Don’t forget to stop by The Caro Diaries  and let me know what you think about my summer reading picks, and send some suggestions my way!
Which book would you read at the beach, Darlings?

With Love,

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  1. I love Ellen and all her funniness . The funny lady alive on earth!
    30 books in summer? DA pretty goal!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. I LOVE summer reading! I just wish I have done more of it this summer so far. I've read two books and I'm in the middle of another one. I'm hoping I can finish the ones I borrowed from the library at least. This is an awesome guest post! Going to go check out the Caro Diaries now :)

    xo, gina

  3. Great list! I love Molly McAdams. Have you read her newest one? I am torn about it because it is the same from ashes but just is the guys view who died and I so don't read it because I was so upset when he died.

    1. OH NO! I hadn't even heard about it! I'll have to check it out! Ahh, such a great book though!

      xo caro

  4. Whoops! I was on vacay for the weekend, and totally never responded to this! Thank you so much for letting me guest post! I loved it :) Glad your readers like my post!

    xo caro

  5. Wow.. I love these summer reads. I am looking to these type of reads from a very long time. How you get this amazing idea for writing. I love beaches and I like to read about it.Thanks Caroline.


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