The Darling Nomadess: College Life: Save Money on Textbooks by Renting [Sponsored]

Sunday, June 30, 2013

College Life: Save Money on Textbooks by Renting [Sponsored]

Like many college kids, I'm on a low budget and try to save money in as many places and ways as possible. I quickly learned how expensive textbooks can be. My first semester at college, I bought all my textbooks from the campus bookstore. That cost me about $600 for ONE semesters worth of textbooks. TEXTBOOKS! I quickly learned that there are cheaper and more budget friendly ways to order your textbooks. One of those ways to save money as a college kid is to rent books from CampusBookRentals! has some great perks when you rent textbooks from them. Not only are you saving 40-90% of of the bookstore prices, but you also get free shipping both ways and they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook that is rented! I know a lot of students who rent their books are nervous to highlight the textbooks as they study. When renting from CampusBookRentals there are no worries for studying because you can highlight in their textbooks!

Already have a few semesters worth of books that the bookstore won't buyback? With CampusbookRentals new program, RentBack, you can rent your textbooks to other students and make 2-4x the money you'd make through buyback options! Sign me up!
How do you save money on your textbooks? Do you rent your textbooks?

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**This post is sponsored by CampusBookRentals. I received $25 from the company. Please know that all opinions are my own and I do use CampusBookRentals frequently.**


  1. i've heard of this company and it seems like a great idea!!

  2. Ugh, now that have book rentals! I had to buy my books and then sell them back for a fraction of the cost. Then it was even more annoying when they wouldn't take the books back because, oh, ..there's a new edition next semester .. grrrr. I don't miss those days :-P


    1. I know, right?! my first semster my books were soooo expensive and then i went to sell them back to the bookstore at the end of the semster and only got $50! Someone tell me how $600 becomes $50 over the course of 3 months!


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