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Friday, May 24, 2013

Vitamins for Acne Treatment

Remember when you were little and your mom would say, "take your vitamins!" She would then force feed a chalk-flavored pill down your throat? Ugh. Thankfully, there were those Flintstone Vitamins every once in a while!

Well, now that I've entered my 20's and left my childhood vitamins behind, I've upgraded to adult vitamins. I like to be as all-natural and organic as possible and feel this is the best and safest way to get the nutrients I need. Here are two supplements I take, other than a daily women's vitamin, that work well for women, particularly in the treatment of acne!

1. Biotin - I started taking this in high school for hair, nail, and skin support! Back in the day, my hair used to be very thin and now, though still fine in texture, has thickened. My nails are strong and very rarely ever break. Unfortunately, acne runs in my family well into the adult years. Biotin definitely attributed to clearing up my skin since high school, however, I doubt I'll ever be fully rid of acne. Read more about biotin here.

2. Evening Primrose Oil - Along the lines of biotin's use for treating acne, I also take evening primrose oil. Evening primrose oil can be used to treat many things such as menopause and PMS, acne and rosacea, even arthritis! Learn more about evening primrose oil here.

Do you take supplements? 

With love,

**Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. Always consult your physician before taking any supplements. Supplements are not meant to replace a healthy well-balanced diet. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Nice blog! :)

  2. Along with the ones you mention, I also take a multivitamin, a complex B vitamin Vitamin B6 (very good for anxiety problems) and vitamin D. Vitamin D (good for general sadness)

    1. I also take a woman's multivitamin and I also take calcium because of my limited dairy intake. I should try the vitamin b6! my anxiety has been so bad lately. Thanks for sharing! :]

  3. How much of each supplement do you take? I am desperately in need of vitamins to strengthen my hair and clear up my skin!



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